Psalms 33:12

Brothers and Sisters,

Patriotism is part of the Holy Faith. This may not seem intuitive since the Holy Faith extends around the whole world. One may wonder: how could the Faith insist on patriotism if the members of the Holy Faith are from different countries?

Archbishop Pietro Sambi is a former Vatican ambassador to the United States (officially an ambassador from the Vatican is called a “papal nuncio”) gave a very helpful answer to this question. He said “where I am planted, it is there that I must grow.” Archbishop Sambi is saying that Divine Providence is at work in our lives.

It is no accident that we were brought into our specific families. Very intentionally Christ brought us into our families, gave us our friends, and even intentionally placed what might seem like random people in our lives (like people we bump into at the grocery store, the movies, or at a mall). Almighty God is relying on us to bring the Holy Faith to our families, our friends, and even to the random people who bump into that we don’t even know.

Christ Himself says as much when He declares that we must teach all nations the Holy Faith (cf. Matthew 28:19). Rather than merely being Christian inside our own hearts or house, it is our sacred mission to make our nation a strongly Christian place.

As the Psalms write: blessed the nation whose God is the Lord. Every Christian citizen is needed to make this happen in our and every country. Do not abandon your friends when they are not acting as Christians; help them to be strong members of the Holy Faith. Do not abandon commitment to the nation even should it seem hopeless to make a Christian culture; times like these are when the members of the Holy Faith are most desperately needed. Celebrate Independence Day by recommitting yourself to being publicly Christian.

God be near,

Father Jeremy Pastor